We were faced with a pressing need to change the payment method of 100,000 of our customers. We needed to migrate them to a different recurring payment method and to minimise the loss of our most profitable customers.

However, we lacked the in house expertise or time to investigate the issue, evaluate the risks, provide the solution and project manage it to a satisfactory conclusion.

Steve was able to quantify the issue and risks and provide us with a number of considered options which allowed us to make an informed decision. He then drove the change, ensuring we minimised customer loss to only those who were proving unprofitable to the company.

We found Steve to have the skills that enable him to deliver projects and initiatives that drive value and he is adept at dealing with complexity, ambiguity and tight deadlines.

Amar Treon, Executive Director, Finance, AOL Broadband, Carphone Warehouse

Our company had a substantial reliance on the postal system for delivering various communications to our customers. Our lack of direct control of the process was negatively affecting other customer contact operations within the company. With some two million letters being dispatched on a monthly basis, it was an integral part of our business. We needed help in gaining a greater understanding of our potential options and in ensuring the most efficient and economic processes were in place.

When Brookstand evaluated our options, they recommended differentiating postal class and dispatch dates to achieve our individual requirements for each class of mail. They then identified the new opportunity of mail deregulation, which enabled an even greater saving and also increased the tracking of our mailings. We were the second company to adopt mail deregulation in the UK.

In addition to introducing a more controlled and efficient process, Brookstand helped us realise a total of £300k savings each year.

Andy Bord, Operations Director, Singlepoint (4U) Ltd

With a poor bad debt and customer churn rate, we feared the two were having a significant impact upon our performance. We were also concerned that our credit control activity was actually increasing problems by targeting the wrong accounts and causing the loss of valuable customers.

We found that by accessing external support from Brookstand, we had an opportunity to introduce fresh ideas and thinking into the business.

Steve first worked with us to ensure we were able to obtain the appropriate management information on which to base our decision making and approach. We were then able to encourage customers to be on the best payment method for us and ensured the collection triggers; communication methods and their wording were optimised. This enabled us to both improve our collection rate and cash flow and identify and retain our most valuable customers.

Steve was organised, thorough and persistent in driving delivery of projects. His knowledge and perspective always added interesting insights about potential outcomes of any proposed changes.

Maria De Pre, Financial Control – Billing Migration, The Carphone Warehouse – AOLB