Payroll Service


We run a payroll service for companies with small numbers of employees.  Our clients find our simple and efficient service allows them to concentrate on their business. We ensure that your payroll is run smoothly,  accurately and on time.  With a simple data capture sheet for you to control which ensures minimum data capture requirements from you.

Our payroll service includes:

  • Payroll Summary report detailing the Gross to Net pay along with payments and deductions
  • Payroll Summary report which breaks down  the Gross pay and also details tax and NI deducted as well as the employers NI due
  • Payslips are either provided on one PDF file for you to print on your own stationery and distribute or we do offer printed payslips
  • Payment report details how much each employee is to be paid
  • P32 report details the amounts payable to HMRC each month or quarter if you are a small business

Brookstand provide a confidential and effective payroll service.  We charge £6 per employee per payroll event. In addition, we provide support and advice when required. We can provide access to our H.R. support associates if you require advice over contracts or employee issues. If you have Tax queries , we have access to Tax experts to answer your questions

With Real Time Information now required from HMRC, now is the time to consider outsourcing and letting Brookstand provide you with an effective payroll service.

Contact us and find out how we can offer the Payroll Service to suit your business.