Credit Control Service

Home-page-image-1-bw-300x199As qualified accountants, we’re experienced in understanding the credit control is vital to ensuring that the cash remains in the company. Being on top off your customer payments can be a drain on your management time and is not always the most favourite task!

We, at Brookstand have years of experience running payment and collection teams to ensure that customers meet their payment obligations. Our view is that you have provided your services or goods and you are entitled to payment.

Brookstand can offer the following credit control  services to make your life easier and drive the cash into your bank account:

  • Run your entire sales ledger – tell us who your customers are and we will invoice and chase payments into your bank account
  • Send pre-due communications to encourage prompt payment
  • Chase debt once you have generated the invoice
  • Chase debt after payment due date has been exceeded
  • We can work as an outsourced part of your business or communicate through our own trading name to effect the best results for you.

Tell us what your credit control needs are and we will have a solution to meet them.

Contact us and find out how we can offer the right Service to suit your business.