Company Registration

A company registration in the UK is necessary for business that is to trade as a limited company. By this, we mean that a company is registering with Companies House which is the United Kingdom Registrar of Companies.  It is an Executive Agency of the Government, under the remit of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

There are over 2.7 million company registrations according to the Companies House website. So why do business owners decide that a company registration is their preferred business structure?

Well here are three main advantages for company registration:
  • A company’s liability is limited and does not extend to the separate assets of its owners. These are known as shareholders. A company can have as many shareholders as it likes or just one shareholder.
  • The shares of a registered company are easily transferred. They can be bought and sold. A price can be agreed between the parties involved.  Shares can also be offered as a reward to employees, acting as an incentive to participate in the future success of the registered company.
  • If a shareholder dies, the existence of a company remains, unlike a partnership which is dissolved when one partner dies.  A company registration allows for the deceased owners of the company to pass on their holding, whilst the value of the viability of the company is allowed to continue.

If you want to know more abut the comparisons  between a company registration in the UK and other different bushiness formats, we discuss it here.

So if you decide that the right business format for your enterprise is to set up a limited company, then the process is made easy by using the services of Brookstand. We will manage your company registration on-line.  Just use the user friendly company registration service we have created to get your company name registration and ensure you are also set up with HMRC. This means you meet both your Companies House and Revenue and Customs requirements.

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